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Living the Dream Even During a Global Pandemic!

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I have been trying to get to Hawaii for over 10 years. I have been looking for a job in Hawaii for the last 8 years. Nothing was visibly moving forward for quite some time. Last November, I decided to really go after my dream of getting to Hawaii, as the sign from the universe was me getting outsourced from my IT job. Then 6 weeks before the last day at my IT gig in NYC – COVID 19 hit NYC hard!

Fast forward to this week here I am on the start of my snowbird adventure in Waikiki! What!?! During a global pandemic I finally make it, seriously? Yes, Seriously! How did that happen?

It was a steadfast movement towards my goals one day at a time. Don’t get me wrong, it was not a straight line from point A to point B. There were many times when it felt like I was moving further away from getting here; like my flight being cancelled 4 times in the last 5 months by the airlines. No job, no roommate, and my plans for my own fitness business seem impossible; business growing so slowly it seemed like it wasn’t happening at all. 

Then a recruiter calls me from out of the blue for a temporary IT project for, get this, a bank in Hawaii. Then my business gets its first client, a month later his fiancé becomes the business second client, then 3 weeks after that I start getting more clients. This is how it goes in fits and spurts.

Next a spike in COVID-19 cases happen in Hawaii and more shutdowns that cause airlines to cancel flights and close temporary housing in Hawaii. The round of flight after flight getting cancelled and rescheduled became comical at best. Beyond frustrating! Demoralizing is more what it felt like. Next thing I know my ENT doc wants to do a sinus procedure that will cause me to have to stay put for at least 2 months. Seriously it felt like the Universe was laughing at me and my dreams. I kept showing up daily and doing the work towards my business, making sure my clients were getting the results they were looking for while providing excellent customer service. All this while looking for flights to Hawaii and a place to stay in Hawaii where I could quarantine that wouldn’t break the bank.

Finally, in September I found a place to stay and I think I have a flight for October, but, wait for it… another flight cancellation AND this time the airline doesn’t know when they are going to fly again from the east coast to Hawaii! Seriously, I thought about throwing in the towel. However, was I really going to let this keep me from my dream? I took the leap and found yet another way to get to Hawaii though it wasn’t until November (5 months after the original flight date). I had told my friends so many times that I was leaving that this time I waited until late October to say anything; It got hard to be seen as the person who kept saying they were doing something big to always have to say – got cancelled again (I felt like Charlie Brown trying to kick that darn football).

It finally hit me three days before my flight to the west coast that it was really happening!

 Though I was holding out true excitement until I was actually in Hawaii. This past Sunday my feet are finally on Hawaiian soil

  Monday, I cooked my first meal in Paradise  healthycooking, recipe to come in future instalment. 

Some of you may feel like this story doesn’t apply to you or it can’t happen for you. Maybe you're questioning what does this have to do with Fitness or Nutrition coaching? 

This is about you and how you can get to your goals too, no matter what! Through steadfast work towards those goals anything is possible. Having a coach makes it easier for you to “Stay on Target” and reach those goals.

If you are having issues staying with your fitness and/or nutrition goals, book a call with me to solve it!

(more about the actual trip coming in future blog instalments including recipes)


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