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  • Vitamins and Supplements are Absolutely Necessary, Why not take the best?

    Vitamins and supplements are popular items for those looking to better their health. If we weren’t so busy and stressed and had great organic sustainable farming available to all of us (that is a whole rabbit hole), we wouldn’t need the vitamins and supplements. Since we do need the Vitamins and supplements and as a trainer I get asked about brands and best items to take I decided to get educated on them. Trust me I am still learning because there is SOOO much to learn. Since I know that sustainable organic farming yields vegetables and plants with the most nutrients, I started looking for vitamin and supplement companies that use only organic ingredients from sustainable ....

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  • Do you Find Weight Loss Hard? Safe and Effective Weight Loss is Possible!

    Weight Loss is a very popular topic especially at the beginning of a new year. For most people it is something that is always on their new year’s resolution or goals list. There are many fad diets and pills and every year or two there is a magic pill or supplement or trick that will help you” burn fat while sitting in front of the tv”. If these fads or supplements or pills really worked, why do have such an obesity problem in this country? And why every year are there so many people wanting to lose weight? First, what do I mean by really worked? I mean losing weight and keeping it off. Most diets are too restrictive and therefore hard to maintain, to say nothing how they ....

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  • 4 Tips on How to Enjoy Holiday Celebrations Without Weight Gain

    One of the biggest stresses most people feel about the holidays is all the overeating and the weight gain. Then come January they resolve to lose the weight, which usually doesn't happen (that is a separate Blog). People have lots of holiday parties and gatherings for drinks. They don't want to be rude, and they want to have a good time. Here is the most important thing to remember, being with the people and enjoying their company is the most important part of the time of year. Yes, that work event is to enjoy the schmooze, so you have good work relations, so you keep your job or excel at it. Enjoy the process to staying financially solvent. 😊 Hopefully most of your events are with ....

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  • Happy Thanksgiving 2022

    2022 has proven to be a fast and wild ride. This year with most all pandemic restrictions lifted and returning back as close to normal, life’s demands seem to be more and faster than pre-pandemic days. The economy has been a mixed bag, lots of available jobs, but inflation an issue, and wild decent of the stock market has left many feeling shaky about the future. However, Thanksgiving is a time for togetherness and gratitude for all that we do have. While some of us are still unable to gather together in the physical presence of family and friends for the holidays, we hope to extend a message of comfort and hope: it is getting better slowly. I am grateful for my supportive and kind ....

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  • Caution Sarah is Amazing! From Being Immobile to Pain Free Motorcycle Weekends!

    Just a little less than a year ago Sarah was “barely able to move” and perform day to day household activities. Her physical activity was very little, and she found day to day activities to be a challenge. When she had worked with trainers before it would eventually lead to her being in more pain with her medical conditions in full flare up. When Sarah started working with me, she was eager and showed up every time. As we began our work, she was getting stronger each time little by little. She found she was able to perform daily tasks a little easier (carrying in the groceries wasn’t difficult). When she would do motorcycle day or weekend trips, we would prepare with ....

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  • One Powerful Practice that Allows Older Adults to Age Well?

    Mental Health is not something that most people are comfortable talking about in this country. Which is one of the reasons why we have a Mental Health Awareness Month in May. It is important to talk about and take away the taboo of mental health conditions. I have had my bouts with situational depression and being overwhelmed. Not to mention a traumatic childhood that led to PTSD. One of the tools, in managing my mental health and mood, that has been very effective and beneficial to me is staying physically active. Exercise has been shown to help reduce symptoms of many mental health conditions. Some of the strongest evidence for the mental benefits of exercise centers on depression and ....

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  • On National Arbor Day Standing Tall for Proven Good Health?

    With a tip of the hat to National Arbor Day, I thought I would talk about the importance of Good Posture. Good Posture means people are standing tall and many native American Cultures consider trees “standing people”. Hence the link in my head (I am a little touched 😊). Good Posture isn’t just to look proper or have that old tape of your mom “sit up straight” stop ringing in your ear. Good Posture is one way all of us can better our health and increase our confidence. Yep, you read that right. Here is a list of some of the things good posture does for your health: Reduce low back pain Prevent osteoporosis Lower the risk of heart attack and stroke Improve ....

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  • Mike went from multiple hospital visits a year to Fantastic Checkup - Congrats !!

    When Mike first started working with me, he had been in the hospital multiple times in the previous year, had bad arthritic knee pain, and hadn’t been keeping up with his physical fitness for years. We have been working together for about 18 months. In that time, he has better movement, less knee pain, gotten stronger and can perform daily tasks more easily. Also, he has gotten back to activities he loves like hiking. His knee pain has reduced so much it has even surprised him. He recently exclaimed, “Wow! No knee pain!”, while going downhill at Butler Sanctuary. Mike has been putting in the work and being careful with the nutrition changes. He also has not needed to be ....

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  • No more Grilling!!?!! Season Over

    So sorry ☹ grilling season is over for all my buddies. I love me a cookout with yummy hamburgers and all the fixins. Which is ok to have every once in a while, but when you are serious about your long-term health those “hamburgers” need a little change up. I prefer my turkey burgers that I can make any time and any season. I know some of you are saying, “turkey burgers are dry and tasteless”. Not mine! I promise mine are moist and delicious. No, they don’t taste like read meat, but they aren’t supposed to. The turkey burgers I make use the 97% fat free or above. Yes, they can be moist! This is a quick and healthy recipe. Ingredients: 18 or 20 oz ....

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  • How Older Adults Can Improve Their Quality of Life and Boost Well-Being

    Taking control of your physical and mental health can have a significant positive impact on your quality of life and overall well-being. While the idea may seem daunting, it’s usually far simpler than it appears. If you aren’t sure where to begin, find out how Stay on Target Fitness can help. Here are some more tips to help seniors improve their quality of life and boost their well-being. Find a Fun Outdoor Activity Spending time outside can work wonders. Just being exposed to nature can reduce stress , reduce blood pressure , and boost your mood . Plus, sun exposure assists with the production of vitamin D , which may slow bone loss and reduce your risk of ....

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