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Struggling to Stick to Your 2021 Goals? Try This...

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Struggling to Stick to Your 2021 Goals? Try This...

Setting smaller specific goals with deadlines! Most people set large and/or very vague goals. Then when they don’t see immediate results or reach their goals in 2-3 months they get discouraged and give up! 

If I set the goal, “I want to lose weight this year”. What does that really mean? How do I know I achieved my goal? Do I have to wait until Dec 31st to know if it worked or not? On Dec 31st will I really know for sure? I mean we just came out of the eating holiday season. What if I lost 8 lbs from Jan 1st  through Oct 31st and then gained 10 lbs from Nov 1st  through Dec 31st ? Does that mean I failed?  This kind of vague goal is a horror show on your confidence and ability to keep motivated. A better way to set goals is to make them specific, measurable and have a specific time frame. For instance, I am going to lose 3 lbs over the next 3 weeks.

What’s the best way to set a goal? Is it process, outcome oriented, or performance goals? There is so much psychology about goal setting that to say which way is the absolute best is impossible. Why is that? What works best for me may not be all that motivating to you.  

What works best for me is setting outcome-oriented goals with shorter deadlines. Then to support those goals, I make a plan of how I am going to achieve the goal. Some might call those supporting plans, process goals.  For instance, to keep building on the same example: “I am going to lose 3 lbs over the next 3 weeks. I am going to cut out candy and ice cream except on Sunday. I am also going to do 45 min cardio sessions every Monday, Wed, Thursday, and Saturday.”  The supporting plan is to cut out candy and ice-cream except as a reward on Sundays, and I am going to perform specific types of exercise for a minimum determined amount of time and number of times each week. This way I can keep track of how and when I exercised, and for how long to help me see if I am on track. Also, I will keep a generic food journal.  If I do cut out the candy and ice-cream, but find I am craving them all the time and can’t stop thinking about them. I know what to bring up with my nutrition coach because I am feeling deprived. Deprivation will not work in the long run and may set you up for sabotaging your goals.

Also, let’s say I do perform all of my plan flawlessly and I only lose 2 lbs. Is that a failure? No, it means I may have to tweak my outcome-oriented goal (3lb weight loss in 3 weeks) or my plan (only eating candy or ice-cream 1 day a week and my exercise regime). If I just do whatever, whenever, and hope that I lose weight or reach whatever goal, the likely hood of me being successful is extremely limited. 

Goal setting needs to be custom to your needs and long-term vision. Working with a trained personal trainer and/or nutrition coach is great way to set realistic goals that you can meet, build a custom plan, hold you accountable, and keep you motivated to reach that long term vision. Let’s get started on your personal goal setting. To get started give us a call (914 953-8949) for your free consultation!


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