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How Mike has transformed his hardship to improved health and losing 20 lbs!

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How Mike has transformed his hardship to improved health and losing 20 lbs!

Mike came to me after several hospitalizations for pneumonia. With his poor health and lifelong gait issues many people were assuming he was much older than he is (as much as 15 years!). This is not what he wanted, and it was a wake-up call. He became determined to do something about it. 

We started working together, he joined a smoking cessation class, and because of some of his diagnosis partnered with a Registered Dietician.  We worked hard at getting his fundamentals strong by focusing on his balance, flexibility, and stability. This in turn helped improve his gait. By gradually increasing his strength exercises, we increased his cardio and lung capacity. He was definitely not able to do what he could just 10 years ago, but we are getting closer. Once we had a meal plan, we were able to make some tweaks to his day-to-day food intake and keep him on target with the RD’s suggestions. During our coaching sessions I gave constant encouragement to keep going with the smoking cessation classes. 

All this effort over the last year, has led to people noticing he was walking better, reduced time with the doctor, improved breathing, and majorly improved health. What is an amazing side benefit is the last time he was at his doctor, his weigh in had Mike down 20 lbs.! We weren’t even focusing on weight loss! 

Way to go Mike!! Keep diligent and we can make it to your next goal... Oh, he also doesn’t get mistaken for being much older anymore.

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