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Living Outside Your Phone – Know the Weather

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Living Outside Your Phone – Know the Weather

This past few super-hot days brings to mind the next few tips for enjoying outdoor exercise and activities. The weather plays a crucial part in how you should dress and what you need to bring with you. 

First, what to wear is contingent on weather, the activity, and the location. For hikers going up in elevation, check the weather for the local town but also the elevation you are going to climb. Thunderstorms are common in the summer and the higher you go up in elevation the more likely the weather will be different. Wear sweat-wicking clothing and pack a light raincoat. Wear proper hiking footwear to avoid injuries. If it is just a stroll through an open area park or lounging in a field in central park, bring an umbrella or tent, and wear SPF clothing. I have a long sleeve thin SPF shirt that I wear over my hiking shirts when I am going to be in an open area. I don’t button it but wear it open to cover the exposed skin. It is more cooling than wearing sunscreen because sunscreen clogs your pores so you can’t as efficiently cool through sweating. Always put sunscreen on exposed skin.

Second tip: No matter what with summer weather, bring WATER. You need to hydrate especially outside. One rule of thumb with outdoor summer activity is 16 ounces or half a liter of water every hour you hike. Everyone is different on how much they sweat so know this is just a general guideline. If it is super-hot, you will need to replace electrolytes. You can use sport drinks, OR preferably make sure your snacks provide them. Electrolytes lost can be replaced with salt and potassium. One good snack that helps replenish is fresh guacamole and chips. Snacks with potassium are bananas and avocados. Salty snacks try to stay with salted nuts or baked chips. We want to avoid fried foods on the regular (occasional treats are fine). Salt and/or potassium tabs should only be used after discussing with your doctor. 

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(I use a Camelbak when I hike but no matter how you carry your water make sure you use it!)

Speaking of food brings us to tip number three; Bring Healthy Snacks! Even if you only plan to go on a short 1-hour hike. Bringing something healthy to eat along the way or afterwards is always a good idea. Who knows when a trail may take longer than you expected, or you decide to stay longer at the top to enjoy the incredible views? Hey, you worked hard to get to the top; you deserve to rest and take it all in. Great options are trail mix, packets of nut butter, nuts, dried fruit, protein bars, and jerky.

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If you would like to talk more about outdoor activity tips, give us a call. If you are thinking your fitness level is not good enough to get back to your favorite outdoor activities, give us a call, 914 953-8949, TODAY! We will get you started on your journey back to the things you love!

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