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4 Tips on How to Enjoy Holiday Celebrations Without Weight Gain

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4 Tips on How to Enjoy Holiday Celebrations Without Weight Gain

One of the biggest stresses most people feel about the holidays is all the overeating and the weight gain. Then come January they resolve to lose the weight, which usually doesn't happen (that is a separate Blog). 

People have lots of holiday parties and gatherings for drinks. They don't want to be rude, and they want to have a good time. Here is the most important thing to remember, being with the people and enjoying their company is the most important part of the time of year. Yes, that work event is to enjoy the schmooze, so you have good work relations, so you keep your job or excel at it. Enjoy the process to staying financially solvent. 😊 Hopefully most of your events are with friends and family. (Family equals blood AND/OR family of choice). 

You will notice food and drinks haven't even been mentioned yet. If shifting the focus to enjoyment is not enough, here are some of my strategies for holiday eating control. 

  1. Prioritize which events you really want to taste everything. Look at the calendar for the month. See which party has the most awesome food and let that be your 1 or 2 “let your hair down” events. No more than 2 “let your hair down” events in the next month.
  2. At the “let your hair down” events. Start with water and get a lay of the land for the food offerings. Try to only have 1 or 2 plates of food and half or 1 small plate of dessert. This means you can have whatever you want but try and keep it to the 1 or 2 plates of food and some but not a lot of dessert. The way I manage the desserts is to take small portions of the super sugary ones and larger portions of the less sugary ones (whole fruit, sponge cake, Japanese desserts, etc.)
  3. At all the other events, limit sugary drinks to no more than 2. I personally don't drink alcohol but if you do, try to limit alcoholic beverages to 2 as well. Alcohol turns to sugar and will be stored as fat. Food wise keep it to just appetizers or small dinner. 

Bonus material: 
Here are my best comebacks/reasons when someone asks why I am not drinking or eating a lot, or in response to: "relax enjoy it is the holidays"; "drink up"; "one more dessert":

"I have another event tonight and saving room"

"Just came from another event and I don't have much room left."

"Doctor says I need to watch my sugar. Did you know alcohol turns to sugar?"

"I have a bet with my _______ (friend, partner, sister, brother, whomever) who gains the least amount of weight during the holidays wins." 


Then I change subject to something fun. i.e., talk about vacation (either to one I have taken or want to go on), a show I like or one that really does not make sense to me. Maybe they have a different perspective on the show and give me a reason to try it again. 

The point is to enjoy the people and not the overeating. Heck, make a wager with someone to see who gains the least. A friend or family member to keep you accountable. Then it won't be a lie and you will be motivated to win.

Have a safe, fruitful, and FUN Holiday season.

Need more tricks and tips? Want to get a jump start on your New Year’s Health Resolutions? Call today and let’s get you what you need!



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