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Do you Find Weight Loss Hard? Safe and Effective Weight Loss is Possible!

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Do you Find Weight Loss Hard? Safe and Effective Weight Loss is Possible!

Weight Loss is a very popular topic especially at the beginning of a new year. For most people it is something that is always on their new year’s resolution or goals list. There are many fad diets and pills and every year or two there is a magic pill or supplement or trick that will help you” burn fat while sitting in front of the tv”.  If these fads or supplements or pills really worked, why do have such an obesity problem in this country? And why every year are there so many people wanting to lose weight?

First, what do I mean by really worked? I mean losing weight and keeping it off. Most diets are too restrictive and therefore hard to maintain, to say nothing how they are unhealthy to maintain for any length of time. Second, the main reason why people need to lose weight year after year is that most are not really willing to make the steady changes necessary with their overall relationship with food.  Third, another major reason weight loss fails is most people are not willing to wait for the gradual and sustainable results. Research has shown slow and steady weight loss is proven to be sustainable. In other words, delayed gratification is undesirable to most. 

Those of you who do get a personal trainer may feel compelled to listen to them about food. However, I for one have never taken a personal trainers food advice. This is for two reasons. The first reason is most personal trainers are not qualified to give nutrition advise. They may have their own personal experience but they have not gotten the nutrition education and tend to be easily influenced by popular fads. The second and is far more the norm, I find personal trainers have a very disordered relationship with food. They claim, “food is for nothing but to fuel the body”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Food is communal, and holds cultural and/or family traditions, and food is social. Just as important there are times when food is for the soul and not just the body. Lets not forget that food can also be medicine; homemade chicken soup when you have a cold is a great example. 

What advice to give those who want to lose wight? Turn your mindset and goal to getting healthier. Talk with your physician about any underlying conditions you may have (including insulin resistance) and ask what can you do lifestyle wise to address them. Hopefully your physician will refer you to two professionals, a registered dietician, and a personal trainer. Those of us personal trainers who are also certified nutrition coaches, from a quality organization like National Academy of Sports Medicine, can work with you and your registered dietician to help maximize your adherence and results. 

Weight loss is a complicated system that is different with each person even amongst siblings. Your lifestyle, your current health including emotional state, your food preferences, your mindset around food, your age and your genetics are all part of it. The specific foods I eat and how I eat may not work for you. However, the balanced lifestyle, relationship with food, and a long term approach are healthier goals we all can aspire. 

I have had many times where I was trying to lose weight and nothing was budging even though I was exercising, getting plenty of sleep, and doing all the right things food wise. One time it turns out inflammation throughout my sinuses was the culprit. Another the amount of stress in my life was increasing the spare tire around my hips and lower abdomen. Let me tell you a little bit more about it so you understand that I get your struggles. 

It was last summer. I was getting back into my exercise routine after having COVID. I got unexpected news that triggered my trauma. I was working on my trauma with my therapist, meditating, sleeping about 6-7 hours a night, and exercising. The stress from the trauma had me food avoidant. First time in my life I can honestly say I didn’t want to eat for about two to three weeks. I literally only ate because I knew it was necessary. I ate mostly healthy items. My weight only ballooned during that time frame. 

My point with this story is weight is not always as simple as calories in minus calories out. There are lots of contributing factors that very few people take into consideration. 

Unfortunately, age plays a part in one’s weight as well. I don’t blame these 20 something influencers on you tube and all the social media because they don’t know better. How could they? They haven’t experienced any of this yet, nor gotten the education that makes up for lack of personal experience. What I do blame is people mindlessly agreeing and following these people with zero credibility. Literally, when I was in my 20s, I ate three times the amount of fat and sugar I do now. Back then my blood work and weight were fine. I was young and had a job that required serious physical stamina and I was exercising. If I hadn’t changed my ways to keep up with lifestyle and aging, I literally would be morbidly obese and diabetic (with my family health history).  Also, I do blame personal trainers not getting properly educated in nutrition. They are supposed to be professionals. So, get the proper education and not a weekend course. Take the time to really learn if you want to help all your clients. 

I know I kind of ended with a rant and that is because I want you all to realize that just like every profession, there are those who are more qualified than others to take all of you into consideration. Those of us truly qualified will also refer you to the proper professional when your situation requires. This is about being your coach to get you healthier and better SAFELY! We are here to get you to your goals and either keep you there or help you tackle the next ones! This is about YOUR LIFE!

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