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Vitamins and Supplements are Absolutely Necessary, Why not take the best?

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Vitamins and Supplements are Absolutely Necessary, Why not take the best?

Vitamins and supplements are popular items for those looking to better their health. If we weren’t so busy and stressed and had great organic sustainable farming available to all of us (that is a whole rabbit hole), we wouldn’t need the vitamins and supplements.

Since we do need the Vitamins and supplements and as a trainer I get asked about brands and best items to take I decided to get educated on them. Trust me I am still learning because there is SOOO much to learn.

Since I know that sustainable organic farming yields vegetables and plants with the most nutrients, I started looking for vitamin and supplement companies that  use only organic ingredients from sustainable farms. Then with all the food recalls  over the last few years, I knew that traceability would be an important factor. Testing of products and the packaging are important factors in traceability. 

Packaging testing is important? Yes, what use to be my favorite superfood manufacture got banned from California because they found LEAD in the items they tested. When the manufacture went back and found the source it was the package that was holding the product. I stopped using that brand once I realized they were not keeping up with testing everything that would effect the end product to me.

All of this leads to how can a single company guarantee the quality of their vitamins unless they own and test from planting the seeds to manufacturing and shipping of the products while testing from beginning to the end. That made for a long and I feared a fruitless search. 

What did happen was that it was a difficult search but I DID find one company. The company is an American company that has been in business sine 1934. They are as serious about bringing the best to you with the most healthy products with the best ingredients you can purchase on the market. 

Before I give or suggest anything to my clients I try it out first. Since I am on the computer & smartphone  at least 12 hours a day I knew blue light damage to my eyes is a thing. My eyes would be so tired by noon, and I would get floaters whenever I would rest my eyes. I started taking the vision health supplement which is filled with all the nutrients we know to be good for eye health. In one month, my eyes were not as tired and the floaters are gone!  Now I eat really healthy and eat lots of vegetables but that wasn’t enough to help my eyes with all the computer, smartphone, and tv time (got to unwind somehow). 

So you may be asking what is this company? It is Nutrilite. How do I get my hands on them? They are not sold in retail stores. You can get them from an independent business owner (distributor). Since I wanted to make it as easy as possible for my clients and friends to get these amazing vitamins I became a distributor. You can go to my Online website and order 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

Here is the best part: If you are not satisfied for any reason, you have 180 days from order to get a refund! Even if you finish all if it. Seriously you have nothing to lose.

Here is my store’s website https://www.amway.com/en_US/myshop/RhyrusFalcone

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