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How Older Adults Can Improve Their Quality of Life and Boost Well-Being

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How Older Adults Can Improve Their Quality of Life and Boost Well-Being

Taking control of your physical and mental health can have a significant positive impact on your quality of life and overall well-being. While the idea may seem daunting, it’s usually far simpler than it appears. If you aren’t sure where to begin, find out how Stay on Target Fitness can help. Here are some more tips to help seniors improve their quality of life and boost their well-being.

Find a Fun Outdoor Activity

Spending time outside can work wonders. Just being exposed to nature can reduce stress, reduce blood pressure, and boost your mood. Plus, sun exposure assists with the production of vitamin D, which may slow bone loss and reduce your risk of fracture, as well as improve immune function.

While you can simply spend time outside, adding a fun outdoor activity can make the experience more meaningful. Plus, if you choose something active, it may help you get the 150 minutes of cardio a week (or as much as you can safely do if you have a chronic condition) to help you stay healthy.

If you can’t think of an activity, some excellent options include:
Kite Flying
Tai Chi
If you have access to an outdoor pool, swimming is another fantastic option. Not only is it active, but it’s also gentle on joints, something that could be beneficial if you have mobility issues.

Adapt Your Hobbies to Your Changing Needs
As people age, hobbies they once enjoyed may become harder to do. Diminishing eyesight could make activities like reading or sewing harder, for example. Additionally, joint or mobility issues could make it hard to paint or play instruments.

Luckily, most hobbies are adaptable. By adjusting the approach, you may be able to continue doing what you love far longer than you’d expect.

For example, if reading is becoming difficult, consider switching to audiobooks. For sewing or similar up-close work, getting wearable or stand magnifying glasses. With painting, you could switch to a digital tablet, giving you a way to zoom in and out as you work, shift brush tips with ease, and avoid cleanup.

If you played an instrument that relied heavily on the fingers and are now dealing with arthritis, transitioning to a slide instrument may help. Alternatively, you could look into digital musical production, allowing you to craft songs from a computer instead.

By staying open-minded, you may be able to adapt your hobbies to meet your shifting needs. That way, you can continue doing what you love.

Engage with Your Grandchildren Online
For many grandparents, spending time with their grandchildren is a favorite activity. While traditional visits can certainly boost your well-being, finding new ways to engage with them is also wise.

For example, consider learning your grandchild’s favorite social media platform, giving you a way to connect with them virtually. If you aren’t sure how to learn, you could speak with other relatives or sign up for an online class, giving you a way to get the basics down.

Just make sure you don’t start oversharing online. Many parents hesitate to put too many images of their kids up online for a variety of reasons. Additionally, your grandchildren may not be comfortable with specific information being made public. When in doubt, ask for their input before you post to make sure they’re okay with what you want to share. 

Launch a Small Business
Starting a business can be a great option for staying busy and remaining fulfilled. Plus, it can be a lot of fun.

Reflect on your marketable skills, focusing on those that bring you enjoyment. Then, plan a business that lets you use them in a way that fits with the rest of your life.

Once you have your plan set, spend some time researching how to get your business off the ground. When starting a business, EIN number registration is your first step for federal tax purposes, ensuring you (and the IRS) can track your company financially and handle payroll taxes. Plus, an EIN makes tax filing easier, simplifying the process on both the state and federal levels.


Contributed article by Brad Krause, bradkrause@selfcaring.info

Coverphoto via Pexels

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